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Meet the team that runs The Parlay King’s website. You may have found us on Facebook and are coming to see our website, just to make sure we are legit before signing up. Don’t worry we get it, we’d do the same thing if we were you. But the good news is, we are 100% legit, and the team that runs The Parlay King’s website are just like you.

We are sporting fanatics, and like to put our money where our mouth is by offering free picks and parlays everyday. Our experts look at every angle of all the sports you care about. This way we have the ability to provide the best and most accurate picks and parlays possible.

Unlike other websites that take a much broader approach, here at The Parlay Kings, we only focus on – yep, you guessed it – PARLAYS! We provide the best sports picks and parlays everyday for all the major sports, like NFL, NBA, MLB. NCAAF and NCAAB.

If it’s happening in picks and parlays, we will cover it on The Parlay King!

Katherine Mouradian

Katherine is a lover of all things sport, and when you love sport so much, it is only fair that gambling follows! She loved to get the biggest bang for her buck, and this means picks and parlays. Parlay bets are the best way to show off her skill and also make a little bit more cash.

The Parlay King

The Parlay King covers all the important picks and parlays that you care about. So, if you are into your daily parlay picks, for all the popular sports in America then make sure you trust The Parlay King. We will keep your up to date with the all latest parlay bets!

Tony Battalio

Tony is a daily gambler who specializes in player prop parlays for multiple different sports. He always makes sure he is up to date on odds and player news to be sure that you as a reader and gambler yourself are always getting the best picks and parlays that will earn you some cash. Make sure to check out his daily NBA, MLB, NFL, and NCAA same game parlays everyday.