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    The King’s Guide To The NFL

    Below you can find The Parlay Kings guide to betting on the National Football League. All your betting questions and tips can be found and answered by scrolling through the different categories on this page. The National Football League is the most popular league in the United States and it is very popular with gamblers and sportsbooks as well. 

    What’s Involved in The King’s NFL Parlay Picks?

    There is a lot that is involved when betting on the National Football League. Not only is it one of the most popular leagues in the world, but there is a ton of parity and betting from week to week can be a hassle as upsets are always happening. 

    There’s moneylines, team totals, over/unders, team over/unders, win totals, spreads, player props, defensive props, futures, and even bets on who will take over what team and what coach will be relieved of his duties next. 

    For newbie gamblers all of that can sound extremely overwhelming but rest assured that we will cover everything you need to know in this guide that goes along with NFL parlays, NFL bets, Super Bowl bets, parlay sports betting, same game parlays, and bring you all our expert picks and parlays for all the games you care about in the upcoming NFL season. 

    We will feature weekly expert picks all the way from week 1 to the very final game of the season when the two conference champions meet in the Super Bowl and then we will have Super Bowl picks and parlays for you as well. With 32 teams in the league you will never run out of betting options from week to week. 

    How To Bet on NFL Picks and Parlays?

    You can bet on National Football League picks and parlays by going to a sportsbook online like Fanduel or an in person casino in one of the legal states in the United States. Some of our favorite sportsbooks include Fanduel, BetMGM, PointsBet, and Bet365 which all offer all sorts of bonuses which can also be found on our website, so make sure you check those out to maximize the winnings of your NFL parlays and NFL picks. 

    There are several types of NFL picks and parlays you can make as well, you can do single game bets or parlays, that include prop bets, or moneylines and spreads for all eighteen weeks of the 2022-23 National Football League season, the playoffs, and the Super Bowl. 

    Our daily NFL picks and parlays will be here all throughout the 2022-23 National Football League season to help you become the best possible gambler you can be. Betting on the NFL can be lucrative and entertaining as every week you have at least 12 games to choose from and hundreds of options to wager on. 

    Best NFL Parlays

    Some of the best NFL parlays involve a great mix of spreads, moneylines, over/unders, totals and much more. Shorter or longer parlays can also be more beneficial depending on how much you wager or how much experience you have as an NFL gambler. 

    You can find our expert NFL parlays all over The Parlay Kings website every week during the National Football League season, also into the playoffs and Super Bowl as well. Mixing it up is the key to success when betting on the NFL as you can expect something different for 17 straight weeks every single season. 

    Having a great mix of quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers along with different types of props for multiple parlays and weeks is one of the main keys to success when gambling on the National Football League. The right mix of over/unders as well as spreads and moneylines can also be another key to winning more NFL parlays than you lose. 

    Here at The Parlay Kings we will provide you with our expert picks and predictions to give you the best opportunity to succeed at your bets and turn gambling into a profitable side profession for yourself. 

    How a team is performing is also important when deciding who to bet on. Even the best team in the league goes through a cold stretch throughout such a long and taxing season, so make sure you pay attention to recent performances and recent player performances when choosing player performance props. 

    NFL Parlay Bets

    There are several types of NFL parlay bets you can place including, same game parlays, where all your picks come from the same game. Regular parlays that include moneylines, spreads, and over/unders. 

    There are several key factors to consider when placing NFL parlays, same game parlays, or single game bets. Throughout such a long year even the best and worst teams can hit a stride or a bump in the road so paying close attention to how teams have played in recent weeks is huge. 

    Home field advantage and short weeks are two more key factors you should always keep your eye on, as well as divisional matchups as teams are more familiar with each other, since they play twice and sometimes three times a year if both teams make the playoffs. 

    Regardless of how you choose to play your National Football League parlays and make your bets, our team of experts here at The Parlay Kings will be here to give you all the tips you need to maximize your chance of winning big during this upcoming National Football League season. 

    There are also several prop bets that you can bet on, including quarterback passing touchdowns, yards, completions, and attempts. When it comes to ball carriers like running backs there are rushing yards, touchdowns, receptions, receiving yards and carries. As for pass catchers there are catches, yards, and touchdowns. 

    Super Bowl Parlays

    The Super Bowl is the biggest night in professional sports and here at The Parlay Kings we have all your gambling needs covered so you can make the best bets possible to cash out on Super Bowl Sunday. 

    There are tons of options to bet on in the Super Bowl, ranging all the way from the color of Gatorade the winning team will dump on their coach, to the coin toss, the length of the national anthem and much more. You can check out The Parlay Kings for our expert Super Bowl picks when the playoffs get down the final weeks each February. 

    You can also stay up to date with the latest Super Bowl odds by checking out this page throughout the season as well. The Super Bowl is one of the most watched and wagered sporting events of the year and here at The Parlay Kings you can find props and picks for almost anything you want to bet on during the game. 

    Betting on the Super Bowl can be tricky as well however, as teams are coming off of a week break and you never know what kind of tricks they will pull out of the bag to win the title, so sticking to normal, reasonable bets is another key to success.